Home Insurance

The entire story begins with your home! Being a source of comfort, love, and hope... safeguarding it has become essential. However, if something were to happen to your house, be assured that Delta will be there to cover you through our programs that offer inexpensive insurance in addition to great services.

You can safeguard your house against a variety of dangers, including fire, theft, and natural catastrophes, whether your home is owned or rented. As a result, Delta has designed an insurance plan that meets all of your needs as a homeowner or tenant, as it allows you to insure the building and the contents of the house, you can insure the contents of the house in addition to your legal responsibility to the building's owner in the event of an accident, God forbid.

Why Delta Home Insurance?


Inclusion of contents within the basic coverage


Possibility of Including death and public liability covers


Swift, easy, and flexible procedures

Delta Home Insurance

Despite its relevance to everyone, home insurance is distinguished by its simplicity and affordable premium!

The premium amount in a home insurance contract is determined based on the reinstatement value of the property per square meter in case of a claim, whether new or old, taking into account the inflation index at the time of occurence.

You can also include the contents of your home in the insurance coverage based on an assessment of their current worth whether you are a landlord or tenant. Delta home insurance policies enable you to pick the form of reimbursement that you desire in case of an accident, God forbid, by choosing either a "new for old" cover, given that the values provided in the insurance contract reflect the value of a new replacement at the time of policy issuance, or by restoring the assets to their pre-loss condition based on depreciation rates.

Tenant liability

If you are renting a property, you can get yourself a cover that guarantees reimbursement for the landlord in case of any damages caused to the property and its interior fixtures upon contract expiry.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

This sort of insurance covers the buildings you own or liable for, as well as their contents such as appliances, electronics, technological gadgets, fittings, furnishings, decorations, and so on. The complete package is differentiated by the fact that it includes "rental allowance" coverage, which covers expenditures up to a specific limit that you may incur while moving out to a hotel or any other alternative housing as a result of any loss or damage to your home.

You will be protected from third-party liability under this program for incidents that occur in the house and cause bodily injury or material damage to members of your family, or those working in your service, or any other person.

On top of these features, comprehensive home insurance includes compensation for the death of the insured or their spouse as a result of an accident during their stay in the insured property, such as fire or theft that led to death.

3 in 1

The comprehensive home insurance program includes a bundle of three insurance covers: home insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance (within specific conditions).


Can I insure my property if I am the tenant and not the owner?

Whether you are a tenant or an owner of the property, the contents of the house can be insured, and you can protect your legal liability to the owner of the building in the case of an accident, God forbid.

How can I obtain a program that encompasses both myself and my home?

The comprehensive home insurance program is a combination of three programs: home insurance, civil liability insurance, and life insurance (within specific conditions).