Our Story

Delta is here to protect you and your loved ones

In 1973, Delta Insurance took its first steps as a Jordanian company whose team focused on making a mark in the insurance sector through plans that focused throughout the process on upgrading insurance services and products. Today, Delta Insurance has become one of the public shareholding companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange.

Delta Insurance is proud of its long-standing Jordanian history, as one of the first Jordanian companies in the insurance sector that was able to shorten the steps thanks to an exceptional leadership team with its diverse experiences in the insurance sector. Internationally, Delta Insurance was able to obtain the support of major international reinsurance companies due to its commitment to providing the best services and insurance programs to its customers.

Throughout the journey, and with the influx of young and experienced generations that led Delta Insurance, all members of the Delta family were committed to close collaboration in the workplace, with the support of the board of directors and global partners, and solid foundations in dealing with internal and external levels based on trust, transparency, and credibility.

A new meaning!

Insurance solutions are no longer commercial products at Delta; they are partnerships with our clients and an overwhelming sense of security, trust, and support.

Every member of our dedicated team of professionals, members of the Delta family, is focused on serving the best interest of our clients through unparalleled service, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to integrity.