Fleet Insurance

The vehicle fleet insurance program is regarded as the best and most cost-effective option for businesses because it provides insurance for a large number of vehicles under a single contract that is customized to the organization's needs and includes effective procedures that reduce the burden of purchasing individual insurance for each vehicle separately.

Why Delta Fleet Insurance?


Dedicated and specialized team for corporate fleets


Flexible contracts


Fast and easy issuance and claim handling procedures

What does fleet insurance cover?

This type of insurance program is suitable for companies that own and manage a fleet of vehicles, but its rates vary based on the nature of the institution's work, the number and specifications of the insured vehicles, the institution's accident record, and the types of protection that the institution seeks to provide for the vehicles and drivers working in it.

Delta provides comprehensive insurance coverages for companies wishing to insure their fleet, with special benefits such as:

  • Full coverage from damages caused by unknown drivers or vehicles
  • Full airbag coverage
  • Repair of mechanical damages caused by an accident
  • Fixed deductibles based on vehicle category in the event of an accident for which the driver is at fault

Fixed rate for all vehicles in the fleet

Corporate fleet insurance is distinguished by the fixed rate granted on all insured vehicles throughout the contract duration, as it facilitates insurance and license renewal procedures, in addition to companies obtaining benefits according to their vehicle records during the year.

After-sales service

Delta Insurance provides extraordinary services to companies that when they sign contracts with them, including quick and seamless processing of claims to ensure minimal business interruption.

Delta is also recognized for its eagerness to connect with companies ahead of contract renewal dates in order to ensure that all procedures are arranged and complete to facilitate contract renewal and vehicle licensing.

Vehicle repairs

We have been keen on signing agreements with specialist garages and repair shops, such as those specialized in refrigeration units and transport trucks, in order to provide our clients with the best service.


What does fleet vehicle insurance cover?

Delta usually develops insurance plans for companies tailored to their needs, but in general, they provide all of their customers with roadside and licensing services, in addition to covering the full cost of driver injury. Insurance plans for fleet vehicles also include full coverage of accidents against anonymous persons and airbags, in addition to mechanical damage coverage and a fixed exemption of 50 dinars in the event of an accident for which the driver is responsible.

What extra services does Delta offer to businesses?

Delta Insurance provides post-contract services to companies, which include the completion of accident transactions with ease, in addition to the notifications that Delta sends to remind its customers of the date of the contract renewal.