Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan?

The possibility of covering all cases outside Jordan for emergency cases only after it is paid by the insured directly and paid by us (after we are provided with the original and detailed invoices attached with medical reports translated into Arabic or English and a copy of the passport showing the exit and return stamps To and from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, according to the rules) and according to the prices approved by us, with a minimum of the prices of the Medical Association for the year 2008, and any discounts are applied to it according to the conditions and coverages of the offer. (The incomplete claims that do not meet the requirements mentioned above will be reviewed until we are provided with the deficiencies to be duly disbursed within the period of validity of the insurance contract, and that the claim is settled at the exchange rate of the Jordanian currency with the date of the claim and the date we received it whichever is less), provided that you notify us within 48 hours.

Am I eligible for insurance?

Medical insurance covers individuals up to the age of 58 with packages inside and outside the hospital, and up to the age of 64 with a package inside the hospital only, according to the insurance request.

Are existing pregnancies covered when subscribing to the insurance?

Existing pregnancy at the time of subscription will be excluded, in addition to prematurity, diseases, and congenital anomalies for the newborn and the first-year vaccinations.

Are there insurance programs that I can benefit from upon retirement?

Delta Insurance has created six specialized savings schemes that offer three major benefits: savings, earnings, and life insurance (protection).

Can any financial institution's life insurance scheme cover borrowers in addition to employees?

Delta has created specific insurance schemes for bank borrowers that attempt to safeguard banks' rights in the case of the borrower's death or incapacity that impairs his ability to repay the loan.

Can I insure my property if I am the tenant and not the owner?

Whether you are a tenant or an owner of the property, the contents of the house can be insured, and you can protect your legal liability to the owner of the building in the case of an accident, God forbid.

Delta Engineering Insurance Benefits

  • Examines the project's scope and associated hazards.
  • Experiences and swiftness in handling claims.
  • Applies international best practices in risk assessment.

Does continuity imply that past cases are covered?

Continuity indicates that waiting times are shorter, but it does not imply that earlier instances are covered by insurance.

How can I ensure that the beneficiaries will get private life insurance if anything unfortunate happens?

A life insurance policy is a legally binding agreement between an insurance company and a consumer.

How can I obtain a program that encompasses both myself and my home?

The comprehensive home insurance program is a combination of three programs: home insurance, civil liability insurance, and life insurance (within specific conditions).

How can you profit from Delta and Health Hub's collaboration?

This collaboration allowed all of our clients to pay for surgeries that were not covered by insurance through installment plans made available through a respected network of banks.

How does the family insurance subscription work?

Except for individuals who have documentation of effective private insurance with another company, residency outside the Kingdom, or children over the age of 18, insurance is required for all family members and according to the family book.

How does the life insurance scheme for employees assist organizations?

This program provides financial protection to employees' families in the case of death, whole or partial incapacity, or a combination of the two, depending on an amount decided by the business based on the benefits packages that organizations provide to their employees.

How is hospital emergency coverage?

The emergency visit is covered by treatments outside the hospital and is subject to a percentage that bears outside the hospital unless it is accompanied by admission. Emergency visits are not covered by contracts inside the hospital only unless they are hospitalized.

Is a life insurance policy expensive?

It is primarily up to you based on the amount you choose, the coverage you want, and the time you require.

Is electric vehicle insurance available?

Some comprehensive insurance packages include electric vehicle coverage. Please contact Customer Service to confirm if your vehicle is included in our packages.

Is it possible to subscribe to insurance for non-Jordanians?

All nationalities are eligible if they have a legal residence in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Is plastic surgery covered by my health insurance?

Dental implants, veneers, IVF procedures, cosmetic ophthalmology, obesity-related surgeries, and plastic surgery are all examples of non-covered treatments and operations.

Is there a program where I may get help paying for my children's education?

"Delta Baraem" is the program developed by Delta specifically to support you in reducing the financial burdens resulting from the education of your children in the future, whether it is school or university costs.

Is travel insurance expensive?

Travel insurance usually costs 5% to 6% of the cost of your trip.

What are the pre-insurance cases?

The pre-insurance condition is any medical condition diagnosed and known to the insured and/or the contract holder (the insured) or any condition resulting from injury or illness and treated by medication or surgery or medical advice given regarding it prior to the date the insured joined the insurance contract.

What does corporate medical insurance cover?

Companies can add or remove any form of coverage based on the nature of the task and the work environment.

What does fleet vehicle insurance cover?

Delta usually develops insurance plans for companies tailored to their needs, but in general, they provide all of their customers with roadside and licensing services, in addition to covering the full cost of driver injury. Insurance plans for fleet vehicles also include full coverage of accidents against anonymous persons and airbags, in addition to mechanical damage coverage and a fixed exemption of 50 dinars in the event of an accident for which the driver is responsible.

What does insurance against accidents and worker's compensation cover?

This program provides coverage for expenditures incurred as a consequence of work-related accidents as well as personal accidents. In addition to working to compensate the employee during the period of injury that caused his incapacity to continue working, the program contains measures to safeguard employees and the company as a whole.

What does mandatory vehicle insurance cover?

  • Covering mechanical damage caused by an accident
  • Bodily injuries, total and partial disability, and unemployment due to accidents are all covered.
  • Covering cases of death and moral damages resulting from accidents, with a maximum limit of JOD 20,000.
  • Covering medical and treatment costs up to a maximum of JOD 7,500.

What does my medical insurance cover?

Hospitalizations, pregnancy evaluations, and births, cancer benefit coverage, vision coverage, dental coverage, routine medical check-ups, and much more!

What extra services does Delta offer to businesses?

Delta Insurance provides post-contract services to companies, which include the completion of accident transactions with ease, in addition to the notifications that Delta sends to remind its customers of the date of the contract renewal.

What information is required to get insurance?

The insurance application must be completed entirely, a copy of the owner's identity, the family book if necessary, and the customer's application for identification must be completed.

What is third-party liability insurance?

It is a sort of coverage that financially protects you as a result of the insured's legal responsibility to a third party. It also covers insurance against third-party claims for injuries and property damage caused by a third party. This program covers legal fees and payments that the insured may incur.

What is your medical network?

Delta provides a wide network of doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, radiology centers, and hospitals throughout the Kingdom.

What makes Delta accident insurance products unique?

  • Quick, easy, and flexible procedures
  • َA team of experts in accident assessment, risk management, and preparation of insurance programs
  • Around-the-clock assistance
  • Insurance products tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Insurance coverages

Where can I get my vehicle repaired?

Comprehensive insurance packages include in-agency repair possibilities, as we have partnerships with a big number of the leading agencies.

In case that your insurance does not cover the repair at the agency, you can choose from our extensive network of elite garages that ensure the quality of fixing your vehicle.

Who are the beneficiaries of engineering insurance?

Organizations involved in construction and engineering projects, including the construction of facilities, facilities, and buildings, as well as firms involved in the installation of equipment and machinery. In addition to commercial centers, logistical facilities, and other sorts of structures, the program includes power plant projects, industrial and manufacturing facilities, water and sewage treatment facilities, and telecommunication centers.

Who is eligible for Delta Corporate Insurance?

All big, medium, and small businesses, as long as the number of beneficiaries does not fall below 150.

Who is in need of travel insurance?

Everyone who travels. Because it gives them peace of mind in the face of any threats they may face on the journey.

Why do companies provide life insurance to their employees?

Employee benefits packages commonly include corporate life insurance.

Will I be granted continuity?

Granting continuity to individuals depends on the existence of a previous individual insurance for two preceding uninterrupted years, and that the period of interruption from the previous contract does not exceed 30 days.

Will insurance cover earlier cases?

The preceding insurance case is an excluded case from the insurance contract and cannot be covered unless the insurance application is filled out and evaluated by our experienced medical team to determine the possible coverage ceilings and the additional amount.